How Hard Is It To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing?

You wanted to know, so I won’t hide it. It’s very hard. You will be surprised by the amount of competition there is in any kind of “how to make money online” activities including website building, affiliate marketing, advertisements, domain flipping and the list goes on.

Why? I think it’s no surprise. You have probably read the contents of the first box on our homepage. Could you anticipate living that kind of life from tomorrow? Of course you could. And believe me, you are not a special snowflake.

It’s human nature, no one wants to work and suffer, everyone is trying to get rich and care free in one way or the other. Do you like sleeping late, travel, spend money? Of course, just like everyone else. Do you like getting up each morning and go to work? Well…you get the point.

There is no surprise that “how to make money online” is one, if not the most popular search term in Google or any other search engines.


How to make money online?

I just searched this term and according to Google there are about 2,430,000,000 results for this query. Can you imagine the magnitude of competition in this niche? Actually, I believe that people who earn the most money online earn this money by having a website about how to make money online.



Also, half of the first page in Google is actually advertisement.

So this niche is totally saturated. Just like all the others. Yes, you read it right. I tell you that most niches out there are highly saturated. What does it mean? It means that any kind of topic that is likely to draw visitors is being harvested by thousands of online enterpreneurs.

Do you think you can run a successful blog about making money, loosing weight or popular gadgets? You may, but the chances are very very slim. Could you have won an olympic medal a hundred years ago if you trained for it really hard? I think you could. Could you win a medal now in any sports? Sure, if you started at the age of 5 and trained for 15 years with the best trainers and equipment and you were an exceptional talent. Times change…


How hard is it to create a great looking website in 2018?

Well, now, in 2018 creating the website itself is the easiest task of all. You probably have no idea yet how easy it is to create a great looking website.

You think that you will have to deal with stuff like html? That it will take you a lot of time to get into stylesheets and programming and html tags, <head> and <body>, javascript and php? Nope! It’s all behind!

In 2018 creating a cool website with blog and commenting and social share and menus and subscription and popups and floating widgets and all that fancy stuff is easy. If you know what you need it takes less than a day to create a fully functioning website! 

It’s all drag and drop and I will guide you through that process.


So is it hard to create content to a website?

Well, it is a bit harder. Of course, writing articles and posts takes time. If you are a native then you can just let it out and type whatever is on your mind, then edit a bit, add some photos and you are done.

If English is not your primary language then it may take a lot more depending on the level of your language skills. It may take hours, flipping the dictionary all the time, or maybe only a bit more than for a native if you are very good in the language. Or don’t care about the mistakes 🙂

But there is also good news for you, if you are not good at creating content. Others will do it for you! Yes, you heard it right. There are thousands of people out there who are willing to write posts and articles, even comments to your site or blog. Of course, it costs some money. But you can have an article for around $5-$40.

Is it worth it? Well, if you can create a great website that will attract visitors who will click your advertisements and use your affiliate links then it’s an investment! Would you pay $200 to someone for writing 10-20 articles to your site? What if that site will make a $100 income for you each month?

So, all-in-all, creating content is still not the hardest part, because it can be made easy. You can have a full website content in less then a week without spending a single minute actually doing it. And we will cover this in details in the program.


So what is the toughest part in launching a new website?

I think you already know the answer. It’s attracting visitors.

Let’s say you put in all the effort, create a great looking website, write awesome content, upload 20 articles and publish them all. What do you think will happen?


Nothing will happen. Your new website will be just as invisible as if it was on paper in your drawers at home.

But hey, people will find it in Google!

Well, nope. They won’t. First, it will take weeks till any search engine acknowledges your site and crawls and indexes some of the pages (it may take a whole month till it finds all your pages).

Ok, but now I’m in Google finally!

Well… It has indexed your pages, crawled your content and will show you in the searches. On the 78th page! Have you ever googled for information? Have you checked the 78th page of the results? No, you haven’t. And no one does.


How hard is it getting to the first page in Google?

I will be honest with you. It’s extremely hard. In the most popular niches you really have to create the best content anyone has ever created and you still wouldn’t get to Google’s first page.

Why? Because your content is not that important. I mean, Google can’t really judge the quality of your content. You may write an awesome article about “how to make money online”, but there are thousands of other people who also have the exact same article online.

How does Google decide which one to rank for the first page? There are a couple of factors, like

  • the proper use of keywords (it’s a whole industry nowadays, writing “SEO optimized content”, you will be hearing it a lot)
  • word count – it is said that these days you have the most chance by writing articles about 1800-2000 words long
  • a whole bunch of other minor things

But! The one and most important thing that is above all the others is having backlinks!

What is a backlink? Simply put it’s someone else recommending your content. How does it translate to the language of informatics? A backlink is a link on a website that, if clicked, will take the person to your site.

What you will need is a lot of backlinks, and not only backlinks, but quality backlinks. What does it mean? If your site is mentioned on you have won. If your site is referred by a dozen shady fake websites in Thailand, well, that’s even worse than not having any backlinks at all.


How many backlinks do you need?

It depends on what your website is about. If your main topic is “how to make money online”, then you will need hundreds of other quality sites linking to your page to appear on the first page in Google. But if you can find a not so saturated niche then you will still need several backlinks before you even become visible through search engines.

And this part of the job is hard as hell. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a net and get your site going. You can have a complete website up and running in less than a week! But it will then take months, before anyone will notice and visit it. Then it may take years till it slowly crawls its way up and finally people will know about it.

Can you do anything to speed up this process? Of course you can, and we will cover it in details. But I just want to make it very clear to you: creating an awesome website is not the primary goal you should aim for. It’s only the first step, the real journey begins when you already have it…


What is the magnitude of competition in online marketing?

Well, let’s suppose that most people out there who buy a domain and build a website would be happy to have something back in return. Nowadays it’s very easy to place some ads on your site and most people do it once they establish the site, because what can you lose?

So, that said, let’s have a look at how many domains are registered daily.

Are you ready for the number?


That’s right, every single day there are about one hundred thousand domains being registered. And, actually, it’s only those ending with .com, so the final number, including all local domains can be much higher!

Adding everything up it can be close to 50-100 million domains registered each year.

Of course, not every domain name will be developed into a website. But if you start your dream journey today you have to know, that you are running with a huge crowd and they will not be gentle and understanding about your dreams and your financial plans.


Wealthy Affiliate and the likes

This page is intended to open your eyes and prepare you for the struggle that you will encounter.

All other sites will tell you that making $100 a month is at an arm’s reach, making $1000 is quite likely, making $10,000 a month is possible. Actually it’s almost easy, you just have to follow their advices, buy their programs and you will surely reach it. But will you?

There is a site (actually a lot) for these enterpreneurs, called Wealthy Affiliate. You can check it out, it looks pretty nice and the hosts seem very friendly. They live for your success. And, by the way, they charge you $49 each month for your membership ($19 in the first month just to drag you in). The site has almost 1 million members. Not all are paying members of course, but can you imagine that?

There are 1 million hungry affiliate marketer wannabes there who want to be successful at this and make money online. Do you think they all make much money? Well, I’m sure that not a single one of them can beat the site’s owner at making money online 🙂


The cemetery of dreams

I don’t want to push you away from your dreams, but as a last step you really have to see the cemetery of other people’s dreams. And this place is where you can browse the list of expired domains.

These are the domain names that someone bought 1, 2, 3 or even more years ago and now, finally this person just let them go. They may have had a website on them, maybe they were just keeping these names for future promises, plans, dreams, who knows. But finally they decided that these are not even worth $10 to keep them for one more year. Pretty sad, isn’t it?

As I told you, each day there are about 100,000 domain names registered. And there are just as many that are coming to an end.

Here you can browse a random page of those 89375 domain names that have expired on 7/19/2018, so yesterday.

Whoever owned, or, that person doesn’t believe any more that these sites will ever be successful. Along with the 89372 others. They have quit, and today the same amount of people will quit. And tomorrow as well.

Do you think your dream, your domain name will be on this list one year from now?


How to overcome the difficulties of launching a new website?

I think that first of all you have to make sure that you know what you are up to. Launching a successful site in 2018 is very very hard and, to be honest with you, the chances are high that you will fail with your first site.

But if you are strong enough and dedicated enough you will learn a lot from this first failure and your second site may be a little more successful. And then, your third site may be even more successful.

You should take it as a challange, you should prepare yourself for the difficulties, you should make sure you know the odds against you and then get into this whole thing for the joy of it!

Because actually it’s a lot of fun! In the first months a whole new world will open up and, if your expectations are real, you will be happy about each and every little achievement that you will reach!

You will be happy about being indexed by Google, about your first visitor, about the first few cents you earn when someone, finally, after a month of hard work, clicks on an advertisment on your site.

If (and only if) you plan long term, then you may have a remote chance of becoming successful and creating a monetizing website (or later a fleet of sites) that will provide passive income for you.

And I have created this 21 days journey to ease you through the toughest first months of launching a website and to shorten the period of suffering that comes in the beginning. I hope you will not give up and that my advices will guide you in the right direction.


Why would I help?

You may ask, why would I help my competition. And it’s a legitimate question.

Of course, it takes me a lot of time and effort to create a program like this and sure I want to have something in return. The good news is that it will be a win-win situation for both of us.

In my course I will use affiliate links when offering any kind of online products. If you use these links, I will earn money, but at the same time you will not lose this money!

Let me explain. If you start a new site you will need a domain registrar and a hosting solution. And I will recommend you those solutions that I personally use. If you buy your hosting through my affiliate link then you will pay the exact same amount as if you directly entered the host provider’s address to your browser, but I will also get a small amount from the company for bringing a new customer.

Actually it’s a win-win-win situation. Because

  1. you can use solutions that I have already tried and trust and use myself (and you can be sure that I won’t recommend anything that I don’t personally trust and use)
  2. I will be paid some money by the company for this recommendation
  3. the company will have a new customer

Also, if you like the information on this website and find them useful in building your own sites, then you can click my advertisements, it also costs you nothing. And, finally, you can also donate or buy any premium or additional content I may have in the future.

But one thing I can promise, I won’t just let you access the most basic and trivial stuff there is and ask money for the rest of it. I will give you the most valuable free course that is available out there and if you follow this journey, you will have an awesome website 21 days from now!


Click here and let the journey begin!

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